Wordflow Correspondent:

Is the platform independent copy-editing and transmission application developed and supported by Newslink.

Specifically developed for staff writers, freelancers, news agencies, public relations companies and public bodies to complement the proven Newslink service and ensure that copy gets where it is needed, when it is needed and in the format required. Wordflow Correspondent features include:

Supporting your copywriting, photojournalism & communication:

  • A comprehensive copy-editing tool
  • Picture Sending
  • SMS / Text Message sending to mobile phones
  • Cut & paste functionality
  • Key notes linking vital source details
  • Personal folders provide full archive control
  • Comprehensive message history
  • Password protected so your work remains secure

Supporting your distribution:

  • Extensive directory of news outlets
  • Create and use current distribution lists for copy, picture & SMS
  • Personal address lists
  • Fully integrated into Newslink
  • Uses Newslink's direct newswire service
  • Newslink's 24-hour, 7-day customer support

Current Wordflow Correspondent users can download the latest version by filling in your name and contact email address here.

Newslink Agency:

Is the networked/shared copy-editing, transmission and accounting application that you may previously have known as Copywriter. Further developed and supported by Newslink to allow agency staff to write features, editors to edit and then send on the wire service. An additional feature is the accounts package which allows mark-up, expenses recording, reporting and invoicing. This is currently in development for further upgrade and overhaul of the accounts package Q1 2014.